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Why the Sphinx statue was submerged, and the Giza pyramid coincided with the hunter’s belt in the ‘Orion constellation’? Some explain it this way. There are ice ages in the world. As the snow increases, the weight of the poles increases. Then instantly, the inclination of the axis on which the earth rotates changes. All these factors change the rotation of the world.

So, The lands become the oceans. Deserts become great forests. Here are the inverses as well. There are silent symbols to indicate when these things happened. They are called pyramids. Although the angle is different relative to the spring equinox, that is, the angle shown by the ‘Orion body belt’ on that day is the same as the angle indicated by the Giza pyramids, but they no longer coincide. But there was a time when it coincided. That is, the time when those pyramids were built.
[Please read the article “Egypt 6”. Perhaps there is evidence that these Atlanteans scattered throughout the world. Those details are not here to prevent the article from getting too long.]
That is to say; the Atlanteans built these pyramids to let the world know the time of the catastrophe.
According to Edgar Cayce, the following discoveries were made between 28,000 and 10,000 BC when people lived in the Atlantis. These are inferred from old drawings and notes.
• Ships, flying in the sky.
• Underwater ships.
• Balloons filled with hot air.
• Carts, running on gas.
• Vehicles which is running inside pipes.
• Electricity and laser.
• Metal industry.
• Take pictures and learn about what is far away.
• Typewriter.
• Telescopes and microscopes.
• Air mills.
• Clock with pendulum.
Underwater ships are supposed to be submarines. Here, Vehicles which is running inside pipes are intriguing. You may remind of Elon Musk’s concept of the hyperloop. Also, Tesla’s laser-like designs go hand in hand with these Atlantis creations. Although the pendulum clock may seem like a simple creation, its concept allows them to identify concepts in dynamics, including the gravitational constant.

At 10,000 B.C., global warming caused tsunamis and floods. And meteor showers. All of this led to the destruction of Atlantis. The melting of snow caused this flooding. But the snow on the poles not damaged. The situation today is worse than it was then. That is, the snow on the poles melts much faster than it did then. This could have an impact on the continental shelf. Therefore, it is not possible to say what kind of countries will sink because of this.
Disasters such as tsunamis are inevitable, especially under changing weather conditions. So countries are in danger of being destroyed just as the Atlantis destroyed.
It said that after the destruction of the Atlantis, those advanced people spread all over the world. Meanwhile, later buildings were indeed built according to the patterns of the stars. It is not easy to find evidence that this was due to religious belief or some other reason unknown to us. Inscriptions inside the pyramids of Egypt do not describe those things.
Edgar Cayce has said a lot about Atlantis. Also, Edgar Cayce seems to be a practical “prophet”. This is because the predicted deadlines not given accurately. Certain things in life change because of what you do first. Unlike other religions, such as Hinduism, ‘some karma’ can be changed, as Buddhism says.
The first document of a lost civilization was written by Plato, who became famous as a philosopher in 360 BC. According to what he wrote, the Atlantis was swallowed by the sea 9200 years ago. That is, this must have been [360 + 9200] in 9560 BC. According to Plato, it occurred in the Atlantic Ocean. The site is in front of the Pillars of Hercules. Presumably at the Strait of Gibraltar.
“Before the Atlantis sank, many Atlanteans fled to Egypt,” Cayce said. He says that the biblical Noah’s Flood was linked to the sinking of the Atlantic. Plato described Lemuria, or Lemurian Atlantis, one of the largest sunken islands in ancient Egyptian history. It was called “the Ancestral Land” (To-wer) by the Egyptians.
The original land of those settlers was called heaven. It was later called the Forbidden Land, the Land of the Dead.
Is it possible to say scientifically valid the Atlantean genealogy mentioned above? Do you believe that they have found a way to get evidence to say so?
It can only be done by DNA technology. [The full scientific name for DNA is “deoxyribonucleic acid”.] One of its DNA types is important here. This type of DNA called mitochondrial DNA. This ‘mitochondrial DNA’ is passed down from mother to daughter and son. But that DNA from that son does not go to his children. This type of mtDNA is only passed from mother to child.
That is, if your mother does not have a daughter, the generation of mtDNA that your mother, her mother, and her mother’s mother have carried for millions will stop there. (Fortunately, my mother has me. I also have a daughter. I wish she had a daughter when she gets married. Or my mom’s generation will end there. )
During fertilization, most of the DNA in the mother’s egg destroys the low amount of mtDNA in the sperm. So this is a transition from mother to daughter only. Scientifically, when a woman gives birth to a child, her surname must be given to the child.
If so, it must be someone who is the first “woman.” According to the Bible, there must be only one woman, Eve, in the end (or beginning ). But if there was this first woman, she would not have lived in this world. She must be out of this world.
I will bring the rest of this in the next article. These are just things I collected from places. I am not saying it is 100% correct. I have written this together with all those findings and my thoughts. If you disagree, we invite you to share your knowledge with us in a comment. Or post in a separate post. If so, see you soon in the rest of this article.
-Isobel Rose 🌹🌹🌹

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