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Nile River Cairo City

I wrote the title because of the connection between Egypt and the Nile. The word Nile is formed from the Greek word Neilos, which means ‘valley’.

The Nile River ends in Egypt and flows into the “Mediterranean Sea”. The Nile begins with two rivers. One is known as the ‘White Nile’, which originates in Lake Victoria and flows through Uganda, and the ‘Blue Nile’, which originates in “Lake Tana” in the mountains of Ethiopia. Due to its depth, the river becomes dark. In the same words, the nature of these rivers is shown. The ‘Blue Nile’ is narrow. But much is deeper. The Blue Nile, which eventually adds eighty percent of its water to the Great Nile, is very violent with rapid currents.

The water here is very cold when the snow in the mountains melts. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in Egypt today. It is very difficult to reach this river by boat without hitting the lava banks and the lava islands in the middle. Such sailing is a death knell. However, due to the addition of lava from volcanoes formed in the distant past, the waters of this Blue Nile are very rich in salts.

However, it is unfortunate that this river, which originates in the mountains of Ethiopia and is known as the ‘Blue Nile’, is now less blue. This is due to the increasing population of Ethiopia and the consequent deforestation. You can see it in the pictures you put here. The picture with the bridge shows the Great River flowing near “Cairo”.

Egypt Aswan Nile
“Tisabe Falls”, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Africa, is located on the Nile. The name in Ethiopian means ‘Great Smoke’. But the width of the ‘White Nile’ is high and its not deep. The “White Nile” is so wide that in some places the other bank is not visible. The two rivers join the Sudanese capital, Quatum, to form the Great Nile. It is a beautiful sight to see the rushing waters of the Dark Blue River pushing away the waters of the White Blue River. The 4,200-mile-long Nile River, which flows through nine African countries, eventually reaches Egypt. From time to time there were gallons of water, and Egypt was fertile with silt. The Nile Delta is one of the most fertile lands in the world.

… Because of that fertility, the kingdom of Pharaoh’s children came into being.

The floods caused by the ‘God of Ibis’ are not happening now as they did in the past because of the construction of the “Aswan Dam” with the approval of the late President, Gamal Abdul Nasser, who is considered another god. Without the Nile, there would be no life in Egypt. There could have been no reason to build a Sphinx statue or a pyramid. There will only be the Sahara, which is simply burning with the scorching sun.

Knowing this, the Egyptians worshiped the Nile. They say that once you drink the water of the Nile, you will have to drink it again. I know for a fact that it’s true. An Egyptian man made paper as well as boats from papyrus growing in the Nile. The letters and images drawn on the papyrus can be preserved for as long as the pyramids exist. Also, the papyrus plant that grows in the Nile Valley is a reed, so the buoyancy of the water is very high due to the emptying inside its stomach. That is why the papyrus plant is used to build small boats.

Religions of the past joined the Nile in various ways. In ancient times, the religion of the god Ra was embodied in the Nile. In other words, God first created man in Egypt. It is located on the banks of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians observed a star called ‘Sirius’ in the sky at the time of the flooding of the Nile.

That’s why they found that there are 365 days in a year. And about a century ago, the Nile helped Christians in Ethiopia to persevere in the face of growing Muslim threats in Egypt. Christians in areas such as Lalebai, on the Ethiopian-Egyptian border, were protected by threats to cut off the Nile. Just as Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River, Ethiopian Christians symbolize it, being baptized in the Blue Nile.

Sacrifice to the Nile is one of the traditional Christian festivals in Ethiopia. Chickens are slaughtered and sacrificed to the Nile with the ‘Coffee Drink Festival’ across the river. During this festive season, you can see priests dressed in very ancient costumes as well as people in traditional attire.

Thousands of people were killed by gallons of water in the Nile River before the Aswan Dam was built. The Nile River flows through Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea, starting from the city of Aswan on the southern tip of Egypt, where the famous Aswan Dam was built. The city of Aswan does not receive light rain. Therefore, the only source of water is the Nile. It takes about two weeks for a ship to travel from Aswan to the capital, Cairo, when the river is high. But at other times it takes two months.

The Nile is more special than any other river in the world. That is, the end of the river becomes smaller and the flow of water decreases. This is because the river has been used by a number of countries since its inception.

Let me take this opportunity to say something about the white Nile flowing in Uganda. One day in Uganda, while sailing on this river, I saw hundreds of logs cut down on the bank. … “When asked why you are destroying the mandatory forest off Africa”, boats hugging the answer was … “Do you want to see the wood and the near further,” … but do not see a wooden wedge, “shore boat ride” take hold.

It was not a log, but a huge crocodile about 20 feet long. As we approached them by boat, those huge logs looked at us and their mouths opened, causing both legs to be scared to death. These animals are waiting to catch an animal that comes to drink the water across the river.

No boatman who loves life will ever approach the banks of this river. These crocodiles are one of the most dangerous creatures in the world, and it is not difficult to jump over a small boat and catch its occupants. There are times when that is the case.

The Blue Nile, which flows through Ethiopia, is a hot topic these days. The reason is because of the huge dams that cross the river to get electricity. When completed, it will be the largest hydropower project in Africa. It will generate 6000 mega watts of electricity. For this reason, Egypt has expressed displeasure with Ethiopia. Egypt suspects that the dam will block the flow of silt into the river. It was reported that the World Bank, which had initially funded the project, had stopped the aid. However, the Ethiopian government says the project will not stop.

The Ethiopian people have joined the government in this. I have heard that at the time of the cessation of aid, Ethiopians took off their gold jewelries and donated them to the government to raise funds for the project.

Another reason for writing this article was to write about the changing direction of the river. Topographic maps taken by satellite show that the Nile flowed into the Atlantic Ocean long ago. But for some reason that route was completely different, turning towards Egypt. Having seen so many wonders in Egypt, I think, ‘That change must have been made by some extraterrestrial species.’

Perhaps they wanted to see the progress of the Egyptians of that day, rather than the undeveloped savage Africans who ate carcasses in Central Africa. If that argument is correct, those extraterrestrial nations could reverse the Nile and teach a lesson to the stupid fundamentalists in Egypt today.

However, when the great river that flows after the White and Blue rivers that joins Sudan’s quatrain flows, there is a strange kind of bend in that Sudanese border. That infinite stream of water then begins to flow north. But satellite images show that the current flowed southwest. That is, it flowed in the past toward Central Africa. If that were the case, the Nile would be 7,000 miles long.

Nile River Satellite view

If there’s anything in Egypt older than the Nile, it’s the Sphinx statue. The statue of the Nile and the Sphinx saw the disappearance of the religion of the other major deities, the god Horus. Whether the future Nile River flows into the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean, other religions and civilizations will be seen along with the Sphinx statue, meditating on the impermanence and disappearing until the end of the world.

Thank you all for reading this article. I intend to bring my experiences to you in a series of articles like this. But I need your encouragement to continue writing this series. Leave your comments below. I intend to bring future articles based on those ideas.

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