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Many historians have commented on the so-called Atlantis, the so-called hidden continent or region. Edgar Cayce, who was here in North America, was one of the reasons for bringing this topic to life, saying so much about it in recent history. If you were writing about Cayce, you would have to write about a hundred or two hundred pages like this.
This article is about what Cayce has said about the Atlantis that many people are following, as well as some of the things that have been discovered so far.
Some of what Cayce said is that man did not live only in this soul, but that many souls lived. The other important thing is that the man who lives like that enjoys in later life what he did in the above souls. This is a very close idea to Buddhism as well as Hinduism which is based on karma.
Another thing is that he said, ‘If understood correctly, astrology can make accurate predictions.’
A prediction made by Edgar Cayce some time ago [1935] is coming true. That is, walls made of stone dating back 10,000 years will be discovered. That is, excavations of rocks near the Bimini Islands have now been uncovered. The English J-shaped wall is about 300 meters long.
Cayce, meanwhile, predicted that these Atlantic islands would have water bodies with medicinal properties. There was a temple dedicated to each of these ponds. There are ponds with similar properties to the east of Bimini Island. They are called ‘Healing holes’ by the islanders.
Cayce said a special kind of radiant crystal was still active in a sunken temple in the nearby sea. It is said that this changes the direction of the compasses on the ships sailing in this part of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the planes flying in the sky over this area.
Indigenous people in the Bimini Islands are reluctant to go to the sea area where the temple is believed to be submerged for fear of accidents.
The continent of Atlantis, or larger island, is thought to have been first mentioned by the philosopher Plato in 350 BC. He says the island was full of people. This place is located between the American and European continents. There are different opinions about the place. But because of the lava flowing under the sea, finding evidence for Plato’s details would not be easy at this time.
During the Ice Age, which lasted from 50,000 to 10,000 BC, sea levels were found to be 300-350 meters lower. That is, the continents of the world today may have a median of about two hundred miles in the areas exposed to the sea today. Also the lands were closer to each other than they are today.
The Bahamas islands may be more interconnected. As a result, people became more and more connected to each other.
Stalactites and stalagmites are found 165 feet under the sea near Andros Island near the Bahamas. Scientific experiments have shown that these are rocks that form only when exposed to the atmosphere. That is, the land that is now under the sea was an island 10,000 years ago.
The ‘Yucatan Peninsula’ in Mexico, at that time, may have been very long. That is, it may extend to “Venezuela”. People in each of these areas are considered to have been able to move freely.
Observed from the air in 1968, it was discovered that there were huge boulders and walls in the sea near the island of Andros. These ruins are believed to have been a metropolis some time ago. Edgar Cayce has repeatedly claimed that these Atlantic people fled to the Caribbean. This has been confirmed by scientists today.
“They united with the people of Lemuria and Peru, and form a new and developed nation,” he declared. According to folklore in the Caribbean, in 28,000 BC a large number of people arrived in ships with seven ships. Eventually they lived on one island.
The island was known as “Cariba”, an island with five red soils. The island is now submerged.
The Toltecs, the ancient Aztecs of Mexico, also refer to their ancestral homeland as the Red Island. Somehow these early Antarctic peoples seem to have migrated to areas along the Amazon River and even to places like Mississippi. Eventually, the Atlanteans, scattered throughout the region, lost contact with each other.
Archaeologist Marshall Homet has discovered striking similarities in the languages ​​of the peoples of the area. It is also worth noting that the historian Egerton Sykes has put forward many facts about this Atlantis. It is said that the town of Murias in the Bimini Islands had the Atlantean government’s parliamentary complexes, harbors, and a temple on top of the hill.
The structure of this temple is similar to that of the Egyptian pyramids. What Cayce said fits in with what Sykes found. These were stated by Edgar Cayce before Sykes looked into the matter. The ‘Fountain of Youth’ in this place
The source was well known among the ancient sailors.
As Sykes slowly aged, his findings were passed on in 1979 to the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
According to Sykes, this ‘Murias Island’ is a treasure trove. 

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