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Crystals are used in some countries to meditate and to tune the mind, as well as to prophesy. According to a scientist named Sykes, many valuable objects, including crystals, are hidden near the islands. But they are today inside a cave that was once a city, but is now under the sea.
A crystal sculpture of a human head discovered in 1927 on the island of Murias is important in showing the extent of the Atlantic people’s progress. Although one type of quartz crystal can be found on the volcanic island of Murias, making this type of sculpture is not an easy task, as this type of crystal is very hard.
It is not possible to trace when this sculpture was made, as the quartz crystal is a substance not relevant to the carbon 14 test, or the carbon element is not present. But it is estimated to be 3600 years old. It is also one of 13 crystal skulls donated to the Atlanteans by aliens. 13 The name given to this skull is ‘The skull of doom’. These are ideas put forward by certain people.
So they had to enlist the help of Hewlett-Packard, a well-known electronic gauge maker in California, to investigate. They said that the ability to create this sculpture was excellent and that the artist who created this sculpture may have had more knowledge than the ability to cut crystals today. Surprisingly, despite looking through a very powerful microscope, this statue could not be found to be carved from diamonds.
Because the only thing known so far that can cut crystals is diamonds. Or did they invent very powerful laser beams that could cut even crystals? Otherwise, it is questionable whether the Atlantic man had a “crystal melting” technology that has not been discovered in the world today.

Frank Dorland, a crystal expert, examined the statue for about six years and said: “Even with the latest equipment available today, we can’t make this kind of design,” he says. That is to say, it is practically impossible to make such a thing from a pure crystal cube.
Attached is the picture taken with ‘Anna Michel Hedges’ who found this statue. Why this was created will remain a mystery forever. Anyway this sculpture is very beautiful. It is designed so that the lower jaw of the mouth can be shaken. It is unclear why it was made that way. It is doubtful whether the machines of that time were used to talk this head.
Due to the prism and lenses in the sculpture, light rays are directed to the face and its eyes. Very sensitive people are said to see a stream of gatherings around this statue. It is said that human sounds can be heard through it and that the scent of flowers comes from it. Is this the head of an ancient robot?
Some time ago, “crystal” types were widely used for old radios to draw radio waves.
This crystal was popular in the world during the transition period between the old valve radios and the mid-transition period. The young radio technicians of the time were able to obtain radio waves by pressing something as sharp as a pin into each of these crystals. This was the birth of the ‘diode’.
Discovered near the Maya Pyramids, the crystal on which the head was made is a type of crystal not found anywhere in South America. However, another party examined the skull with an electronic telescope and claimed that it was made in the 19th century. But other parties say there is controversy.
There were many people who were curious because of this kind of information. One of the most notable of these was David Zink, a professor of classical languages. He took a group of underwater photographers with him to explore the Atlantic many times. His findings also coincide with those predicted by Edgar Cayce.
According to Cayce, a temple on an island north of the Bimini Islands has a source of crystalline energy that can enhance a person’s mental and physical health. But the area is now submerged in seawater.
Somehow, in one of the salty seawater in the mangroves that grow there, there is a stream of freshwater that rises under the sea. This is the place where the crystal energy of the submerged temple gives rise to the fresh water source. ‘Most of the people who swam there were unusually happy,’ says Professor Zink.

Cayce says that after 28,000 BC, mentally strong, very intelligent Atlanteans built pyramids in this area as well. Although these are submerged today, pilots say they can be seen from the sky at times in still waters. The news was also confirmed by scuba divers.
Modern satellite imagery shows pentagonal ruins under the sea. These do not appear to have been formed by natural means or by the waves of the sea.
You can see the right rectangular corners of a wall made in the shape of the English letter J by crossing four or five feet of huge stone. Professor Zink believes that this structure, which is thousands of feet long, is an ancient road used for ancient transportation. This mysterious road-like structure seems to reveal clues to the existence of a highly developed nation in the vicinity of the Bimini Islands.
According to Edgar Cayce, the Atlantis people are gained power with three places. Solar energy was used for this energy. These require crystals as mentioned above.
One of them is at the point where it sank into the sea near the Bimini Islands. The other was in the Yucatan. Third place is in Egypt. This third place in Egypt has not been found exactly. It is said to be where the ‘Tomb Records’ are. It is believed that the Sphinx is located at the entrance to the statue, or near its ear.
The origins of man in the world and the discoveries of Atlantic man are written in these records. The same details are kept in all three reports and in three places. It is said that the world will change as soon as this section of the Great Pyramid is opened.
If the crystal skull described earlier is not a lie, then the other twelve skulls are somewhere in the world. But the secret of where they are kept is known only to the dead Atlanteans, with the exception of aliens.
You might find one too.

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