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By the end of the last ice age in 10,000 BC, North American glaciers had melted and flowed enormously across the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico. They built walls to save the Atlantis from that water. [Cyclopean walls] The ruins of those walls, which stretch for miles today, can still be seen in Mexico, northern Cuba, Florida, and Venezuela.

Although the sea level rose around the town of Murias in Bimini, a beautifully built temple called the Atlantean healing temple was temporarily preserved on a hill. Ancient records from the Irish, Egyptian, Phoenician and Carthaginian sailors who sailed the seas in the past, collected by Egerton Sykes, are important here. It is said that when these sailors sailed here, their compass pins turned in different directions.
Accordingly, the sea level rose further in 6000 BC. Then the rest of the buildings were slowly destroyed. It is reported that these buildings had glass windows. That is, the period of glass discovery in the world we know must change.
According to Edgar Cayce, many temples and gold will be found under the sea near Bimini Islands in the future. That amount of gold is much higher than the amount of gold in use in the world today.
Even today, it has been observed that seaplanes as well as aircraft sail near the Bermuda Triangle, reducing the power of their engines and the misalignment of their mechanical compasses. There were also many accidents in the area, such as the disappearance of planes without evidence. According to Edgar Cayce, Some of the most intelligent people in the world ever lived in this region of the Atlantis.
Perhaps the crystal-powered machines are still operating under the sea, and these strange things are happening. Or, as some have speculated, all of this may be being done by the CIA.
According to Edgar Cayce, the Atlantis was connected to many parts of the world. Another amazing thing he said was that someone who was interested in the Atlantis lived in the Atlantis. So if you’re willing to read this, according to Casey, you and I have lived there. He also says that we still use what we learned from the Atlantis and the experiences we had there.
Anyone who has not read about Edgar Cayce will think this writing is nonsense. So it is important to read about him first. I wrote in the first article that his readings show that reincarnation and astrology are also true. That is the shortest possible mention of him. You can find them too.
I will not elaborate further on him. You can find a lot of information about him by searching the internet using the words ‘Edgar Cayce’, ‘Sleeping prophet’ and ‘Sleeping Psychic’.
In the meantime, it is important to say something else. In an article on the Bermuda Triangle, one person asked, “Have you ever heard of underwater exploration?” I’ll answer that question below.
In 1960, two oceanographers visited the Mariana Trench, the deepest place in the world’s oceans. An iron sphere about 9 feet in diameter, one foot thick, was lowered into the stroke. There, the paint on the outside of the ball came off. This was due to the compression of the iron sphere by about six inches due to pressure. If they had examined such a place, he might have thought that it would not have been difficult to see what the sea dives in places like the Atlantis.
What the Atlantis is, it is useless to simply look under the sea, if there are any kind of ruins, most of them will be covered by lava from volcanoes under the sea.
Many people have no idea what the scientific method is. The normal nature of the human mind is that something is conjecture and belief. But it is the scientific method of testing after conjecture, then making observations and conclusions. There is no such thing as trust until conjecture, testing and observation.
Believing something completely as well as completely rejecting it is extreme. The same is true of the Atlantis. But Plato’s record, as well as what Cayce said, is coming true.
Man came into the world twelve million years ago. Although this is a story outside of popular evolution, it is somewhat similar to Hinduism and Buddhism. It is our first generation. Second, the Lemurian dynasty originated ten million years ago. Then came the Atlantic people two hundred thousand years ago.
They were able to develop special mental powers by adapting to things like gems on Earth.
At that time people were like giants. Their average height was about twelve feet. They became red. The fourth generation came into being around 106,000 BC, and then at the end of 60,000 BC, the generation we have today. It is the time of the end of the world.
This is known as the ‘Kali Yuga’ in Hindu concepts.
In 50722 BC, the destruction of large animals and the change in the poles of the earth took place. The people of that time were also responsible for the destruction of those animals. The next destruction was in 28,000 BC. It was the most advanced, golden age of the Atlantic. From then on, the Atlantis lasted until 10,000 BC, when it sank and those people migrated to other places.
There is scientific evidence that people lived in the Atlantic and that their migration took place after the flood.
Even in Egypt, the cities were submerged by the flood. The archaeologist Frank Goddio found the marvelous stone tablet under the sea in Egypt.
Even the Sphinx statue has been found to have been submerged for some time. This is evident from the erosion that has taken place around the statue.
So, this is my idea. what about you think? Just comment here and let us know.
-Isobel Rose 🌹🌹🌹

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