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 Evidence can be found even in general science that it is not practical for mankind to come from one family. Take King Thuthankaman as one example. The reason he became permanently ill was because of marriages within the family. Because of the marriages between these same royal families, Pharaoh had many sick people in his royal family. That is, if the children of the same mother, Eve, were to marry each other, that generation would be lost in two or three generations.

That is, linear history is false here. Apparently, several linear histories intersected. Even in the theory of evolution, there are some cases that cannot be explained.
What could be the transition of these Atlantic peoples, according to modern science?
Columbus discovered America is a big lie!
Research has been done to find out who was the first woman. The DNA evidence of the ancient Red Indians was used for this. But even there, no evidence has been found to confirm this. There were four major groups of females associated with mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA). They were classified as A, B, C, D. Meanwhile, there were groups A, C and D in Siberia. That is, the native Red Indians came from Siberia.
The remaining B group was discovered in the 1990s in the South Pacific, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.
But later it was discovered that about 3% of Red Indians have a different type of mtDNA than the above mtDNA. It was named X. But this “type X” does not exist in any of the other countries mentioned above. It was later found in ancient skeletons found in America.

So how did the world get this type of mtDNA?
Although no one in Siberia has that type X of mtDNA, it has been found in Israel, Scotland, Spain, France, Egypt, Gobi and Lebanon. This type of X mtDNA belongs to the Atlantic people. That is the current belief. That is, the basic state of this type X of mtDNA cannot be traced.
What does that mean?
That is, it came from a place that does not exist in the world today. Assuming it did not come from extraterrestrials, it must have come from the lost continent, the Atlantis. It is astonishing that the countries where that X mtDNA type was scientifically discovered are the same as the countries that Edgar Cayce claims to have migrated to atlantis man in the past.
Type X is not found in most human species. There is almost no type X in South America. It is also important to note that this type X came to North America between 10,000 and 38,000 years ago. That is, after the other categories.
The vast majority of this type X is found in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. They are called ‘Basques’. The largest of these is the Berbers. They are found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and in North Africa. They are also found in the mountains of Lebanon.
It is speculated that they came from outside because they live in these mountainous areas. That is, the local people may have trapped them in difficult areas. In particular, I was able to develop a close association with the Berbers in Lebanon. It was something I felt they had a special wisdom.
Their religion is also a wonderful religion. They say it is Islam. But it is very different from Islam.
Even other Muslims do not accept them as Islamic. They accept karma and the process of rebirth. This also means that they are not the original settlers of these areas. That is, it may have been a ploy by them to live without problems in these areas.
The DNA data of these ‘Basques’ and ‘Berbers’ are said to be very complex and problematic. To date, that DNA information has not been determined. Their languages also differ from those of the region. This is the opinion of linguists. The Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), which teaches what Edgar Cayce said, is investigating them separately.
I copied the following three paragraphs from an article by Brett Burquest. They have been modified to suit this article and posted here. (Brett Burquest is an award-winning columnist and an author of four novels.)
//Named the Sleeping Prophet, this wonderful man made 14,000 reads during that hypnosis. They are over 900,000 pages long. What he has said about this Atlantis subject is immeasurable.//
//Most Iroquois people in North America have this X type of mtDNA. (Ojibway, Oneota and Nuu-Chah-Nulth tribes). Edgar Cayce also said that some Atlanteans moved to southwest and central in North America. It has been scientifically proven.//
//Edgar Cayce says the Atlanteans were scattered everywhere. This is confirmed by this special X type of mtDNA.//
One thing has to be said here. Many of Cayce’s readings have been used in this article series. Therefore, these articles are not written according to general scientific principles.
Edgar Cayce caused a great deal of controversy not only today but also then. Doctors and scientists reacted negatively to him. He was often challenged. But despite seeing with their own eyes how he was diagnosed, it was not easy for them to challenge.
And, for example, in the case of women in India and Sri Lanka, there is not much difference between these two types of mtDNA in their body. Also, if you take two women in Korea and China, their mtDNA types are not so different. The reason is that these two countries are close to each other.
But there is a clear difference between the two types of mtDNA when it comes to the Chinese woman and the Indian woman. But when it comes to an African woman on the Sudanese and Ethiopian borders, she has all the mtDNA types in her body, the same as all four women in Sri Lanka, India, Korea and China.
This shows that Africa is the source of all human migration in the world.
(I am not an expert on DNA. I urge you to simply consider the idea here and read more about it. What’s more, those who have that knowledge, add their knowledge to the post as well. And according to DNA technology, my ancestors came from Africa 60,000 years ago. I’m not an Atlantic woman. 😁)
If there was someone like the first woman, there is no reason to doubt that the origin of all the mtDNA mentioned above is somewhere in the world we live in, because human DNA has now been tested in every corner of the globe.
This knowledge is no longer new to the world today. (Search for ‘paracas skulls’. That mtDNA type is not available to women in Africa.)
That is, the so-called first woman was never born or lived in this world.
The information obtained from the articles written for this Atlantis was not obtained in one place. So it is difficult for me to show the sources.
So if the article is good, please like and share it. If you have more details about this, please comment below. Visit my profile to read older articles. 😊
-Isobel Rose 🌹🌹🌹

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