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Natural disasters in the past have shown that “no matter how talented, physically strong or developed a nation is, it cannot withstand the threat of nature.”

For a long time, many scientists thought the Atlantis was a ridiculous idea. But there is evidence that there was a country that was as talented and developed as the Atlantis.
Their average height was nine feet. There were old reports that skeletons of this type were found in Arizona as well as California. Dr. Lobsang Rampa, a Tibetan Lama, also mentions that he saw people with such a tall body in his book The Third Eye.
In 1885, while excavating to build a dam on the Mississippi River, a skeleton about ten feet high was found. The chest was 59 inches and the circumference of the head was 31 inches. The top of the head was unusually flat.
It is not yet clear why this evidence is being concealed, or whether all these reports from around the world are clear falsehoods.
The Atlantis people had a distorted nature that rose to the top of their foreheads. It is said to be their special organ. Therefore, they lived in four dimensions, not three dimensions. They had the ability to move away from their bodies.
They left the body and went to the world of the dead to meet their relatives. These people in Lemuria were not interested in material possessions and they turned to meditation.
There was no use of money. They were very kind and very wise. They created cave complexes and lived in them.
There was a strange kind of wedding custom between them. The couple who get married should be completely naked between a lot of people and have nothing on hand. Then they have to go to a forest far away. If there are no injuries on their bodies returning to society after two lunar months, it is a sign that they have protected each other. Only then will the marriage take place.
Their god was the sun. There may be a connection between the sun being the national flag of Japan and this. These priests went all over the world and preached their religion. William Niven, a Scottish geologist, excavated in 1921 in Mexico. There they found some stone tablets with some letters and pictures drawn on the lava.
Further investigation revealed about 2,000 such stone tablets in the area. William Niven could not read these letters. He asked his friend, another geologist, James Chaurchward. Then James Chaurchward said that the letters were completely the same as the Naacal tablets found in India.
James said they contain details of people who lived two hundred thousand years ago. But these kinds of discoveries were not important at the time. So the stone tablets were bulldozed by some group.
But before William died, some of the stone tablets were donated to the Museum of Natural History in New York. But museum officials said they could not find them in 1976. Fortunately, there are many stone tablets (about 11,000) of this type in the Cabrera Museum in Peru. They depict the life of that time.
Another golden opportunity to find out more about the Atlantis was missed. It was like this. In 642 CE, Egypt was conquered by King Khalid. At that time he asked his Islamic mullah: “What do we do for the library of Alexandria?” Then he, manipulating his big brain and said.
“If the Quran is not here, then this knowledge is useless. If there is a Quran among these books, then these books are useless. Because there is no knowledge other than the Quran ”
It is said that it took about a year to completely destroy those priceless ancient books. Those books were used to set fires in the winter.
Although Edgar Cayce said that the Atlantis stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to the Mediterranean Sea, but many parts of the world were submerged by the Great Flood. So even the islands in the Pacific Ocean were submerged. After the Lemurians floated in the Atlantic Ocean and landed in South America.
But the South Americans welcomed them because they were spiritually advanced people, just like these people. Eventually, the Maya were formed by the union of these two nations.
Not only the Incas of Peru, the Celtic Irish, the Aztecs of Mexico, but also Buddhist literature, as well as many cultures, have written evidence of the Atlantis ‘Great Flood’. Somehow the Atlanteans who escaped this catastrophe had to go to other countries to make a living and to fight with the people of those other countries.
Plato’s records reveal that the ‘Brass Age’ coincided with the change of the Atlantic Age. They must have been talented here. In 1198 BC, they were able to use the weapons they had built in Egypt, especially because of the instability in Egypt at the time.
Another part of the Atlantic nations went to Ireland. The Irish, unaware of this Atlantic catastrophe, wrote about a part of their history called the ‘Tuatha de Danann’ (People at sea). The leader of those people was also known as ‘Ogma’. Historian Henry O’Brien says that Ogma and his party floated to Ireland in 1202 BC.
There are parallel stories in the history of England and Wales.
The Egyptian records of the Atlantic catastrophe during this period coincide with their arrival. These men came from four major cities that had been submerged. They are like Findias, Gorias, Murias and Falas.
The only oldest document, about Atlantis, is the “Long essay written by Plato”. But there are so many signs all over the world that even scientists can not imagine. So there is growing evidence that Atlantis and the Atlantic people existed.
In the tenth-century history book Leccan, it is written that these men built vertical towers in Ireland. Perhaps this is why this type of tower [Obelisk] is endemic to Ethiopia. It is also said that the Atlanteans preferred to build houses on eight sides or in a circle. The reason, they say, is that what they do and say in those homes is more successful.
There were houses of this type on Easter Island and in ancient Central America. They believed that by avoiding eating meat as much as possible for food, one could gain sharp mental strength.
The tallest of the giant stone statues known as Moai on this Easter Island is 33 feet high. It weighs 82 tons. It is said that these were brought to this area by the mental strength of the Atlantic priests. There is a video on the internet of a five-ton statue being carried along a road by a group of people today. But 82 tons?
If so, were the 40 tons of stones in the pyramids lifted that way?
-Isobel Rose 🌹🌹🌹

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