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About 700 of Edgar Cayce’s reads are about the Atlantis. Accordingly, he mentions these 5 human races and their destruction.

1. The first Etheric human race [before 12 million BC] and destruction.
2. Second Lemuria human race [before 10 million BC] and destruction.
3. Third Atlantis human race [before 200,000-10,000 BC] and destruction.
4. [From Adam and Eve?] human race [before 12,000 BC] and destruction.
5. The future and destruction.

He says there was one world catastrophe in 50,000 BC. It was a time when there were giants like dinosaurs and the axis of the world was different than it is today.
28,000 BC was the time of the invention of lasers, submarines and aircraft.
Tsunami and other catastrophic events occurred around 10,000 BC. The Fifth Generation is a world of conscious change human.
We belong to this fifth generation. That is, although it is problematic that this conscious change, perhaps it means the ability to do several tasks at once, the ability to do something fast, or the presence of people who have little respect for traditional things.
According to Hindu astrology, this is the age when a planet named Rahu has more power. That is, Kaliyuga, which represents ‘Death and the End of Mankind’ and ‘Kali’ God. Also, according to Hindu ideology, four great eras are defined.
They are called Krita, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali. People in these eras agree with what Edgar Casey said. According to Edgar Cayce, the details of ancient peoples are hidden in three places in the world, “the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan”, the “Bahamas / Bimini Islands” and “Egypt”.
Scientists, meanwhile, explored areas of the Bimini Islands 90-100 feet below sea level. That is where the land was in 10,000 BC. There are ruins of square buildings at that place. But it is not easy to explore these places because of the rapid flow of water under the sea at that place.
These submerged sites have been found to have abnormally flat stones and stone pillars, as well as ‘metal nails’. Although these rocks are suspected to be ballast stones used to maintain the balance of a sailing ship, but the height of the water in this area is too low for such a ship to sail.
It seems that there was a building complex at this place called Browns ruins.
The site also has a type of stone that was used for buildings in the distant past. This type of rock is not likely to exist naturally on this seabed. Also these stones have artificial markings. The team says the marks on the rocks could not have occurred naturally for any reason.
Perhaps, as Edgar Cayce says, the old records are here. But they have not yet been found. So to say that there are reports is just speculation.
Casey says the third place where these records are hidden is considered to be the path between the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Sphinx statue. Unfortunately, this type of report is less likely to be found in Egypt because of its inherent resistance to such investigations, as well as the political instability of the past decade.
It is said that there are two other countries that have been nurtured by the knowledge of these Atlanteans. They are Israel and Ethiopia. These two countries are two culturally connected countries.
The temple of the Jews in Jerusalem rests on a massive flat rock surface similar to that in Lebanon. There was also a mosque built on the same site when the Israelis later lost power. What they have done since then is oppose rather than adapt to a culture. It’s a different story.
According to the ancient written history of Ethiopia, the wise King Solomon and the beautiful Ethiopian queen Ziba had a son. He later became King Menalik of Ethiopia. He received a gift from his father. It was the box with the original stone tablet on which the Ten Commandments of Moses were written.
From one of the richest king and wisest father in the world, it is inconceivable that such a gift could have been bestowed on another king. If ‘Ten Warnings’ were needed, it could be stated. Or they could have been written on a leather sheet that was in use at the time.
The other question is why it was put in a box. And a mysterious thing happened to the priests guarding the box.
It is called the ‘Ark of Covenant’.
For example, a young priest is currently in charge of protecting it. But the day the Ethiopian priest received it, Christians in modern-day Ethiopia said, “His hair was as white as an old man’s.” This is exactly what happened in the Old Testament when Moses went up to the mountain to speak with God.
I do not know who this God is.
Perhaps the ‘Ark of Covenant’ was some kind of radiation machine. The Old Testament says that if an unrelated person touches it, he will be electrocuted and die.
It is also said that when the Israelites or the Jews fled from Egypt with a large crowd, Moses, who led it, brought with him a golden statue in the ‘king’s chamber’ of the Great Pyramid.
Maybe he brought not only the statue but also a tool used to build the pyramids? Ethiopians say the statue and the suspected machine are still safe in the Tewahedo church in Aksum.
According to the ancient Ethiopian book ‘Kebra Nagast’, many high-end creations have been made by Ethiopians. One of them is a huge towers that weighs hundreds of tons. I have no idea how these were lifted into the sky then. Is there any kind of antennas used for some kind of communication?
According to history and Cayce’s readings, only Atlantis knowledge was able to do this.
Atlantis has not been found to be 100% a myth. The current facts seem to be an exaggeration. But we must look at them with an open mind. These facts should be scientifically criticized or investigated. It would be nice if these articles were small or useful to get it started.
Suspicion and questioning should be done. But complete faith, as well as complete disbelief, are two extremes of the same mistake.
-Isobel Rose 🌹🌹🌹

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