Atlantis 9 – Is there anything hidden about Atlantis on the island of Santorini? (Greece)

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Edgar Cayce says that the Atlantic has broken into five parts in the year 50,000 BC, another catastrophe occurred in 28,000 BC, and that the catastrophe described by Plato was 10,000 BC. Although commonly referred to as the Atlantis, these lands have other names throughout the world.
The place called Lemuria is named ‘Kumari Kandam’ by the Tamils. They claim it as a Tamil homeland. This is problematic. But the fact that the sea level rose to a height of 130 meters can be accepted as true. “Most likely this was due to the end of the Ice Age.” Therefore, it may have caused the lowlands to be submerged.
Another of Cayce’s predictions came true. That is, parts of Atlantis near the Bahamas are predicted to be found in the late 1960s. That is, in 1967, two pilots photographed the island of Andros. There, by seeing the “straight-angled constructions” near the shore. Divers also found a J-shaped wall underwater near Bimini Island.
Here this J-type construction became known as the ‘Bimini road’. But geologists found that these structures were simply layers of limestone. But there was a problem with this layer being the same. Radiocarbon dating has shown that it is no older than 2000-3000 years.
It was also discovered that a building near Andros Island had been built very recently. But that did not dampen people’s interest in the Atlantis.
Is Atlantis the only portrait of Plato? In the past, people have struggled to find answers to the question of whether such a world really existed. Among them were historians, scientists, and ordinary people.
Alexandra Lesk, an architect at the American University of Athens, who has been researching this for years, says of Plato:
“Plato was born into a wealthy family, and he was respected by many. So it is questionable why a philosopher like Plato would fabricate such a lie.”
Where might the Atlantis have been? The problem still exists today. It is speculated that one of the seven places in the world mentioned above may have been Plato’s “The pillars of Hercules”. Another place is considered to be Turkey or the ancient name ‘Anatolia’.
Other places are islands in the Mediterranean, such as Santorini and Crete.
The Strait of Gibraltar separates Morocco and Spain from the Mediterranean Sea. This is what Plato called the ‘Tower of Hercules’. However, scientists searching for information on the Atlantis do not always take Plato’s opinion. Here are some of the different attempts other groups have made to find Atlantis.

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, about 100 miles west of Morocco. This is a paradise for foreign tourists. Near the top of the highest mountain, a pyramid of about twenty feet in height and one hundred feet in length was found. The most systematic pyramid, believed to have been built by Atlantis people, is reminiscent of the ‘Step Pyramid’ of Sakara, Egypt.
But no one knows why it was made. Now let’s go to Greece. Some believe that the ruins of the island of Santorini, hundreds of miles from Greece, say something about Atlantis. It is said that even Hitler was interested in this during the Nazi rule in Germany.
This is the opposite of Plato’s idea. This idea comes from the Egyptian book ‘The book of the dead. But as Plato says about the Atlantis, it consists of islands of black, white and red soil. It also has hot springs. but this island of Santorini fits that information.
Although the island was destroyed by a volcanic eruption 3500 years ago, it does not coincide with Plato’s 10,000 years.
Archaeologists Dr Bruce Heezen and Dragoslav Ninkovich explored the south side of the island in 1965 and found a large number of ruins and artefacts in a three-story building. The volcano, which exploded with the power of hundreds of atomic bombs, covered the island with millions of tons of lava and ash.
But Plato’s book does not mention a volcano. Was it not written because one could not understand what really happened because of the huge plume of smoke that erupted when the volcano erupted?
Meanwhile, the situation on the island of Crete, which may have been further south, is also noteworthy. It is believed that Zeus, the god of the Greek pagan religion, was born there. About half a million people live there these days. On this island, there are some very important ancient artefacts from the city of Kenosis. The palace there is important. It has been found that the destruction that took place here took place around the same time that Santorini was destroyed.
Something must also be said about this ancient pagan religion. At first glance, the god here seemed to attribute divinity to the natural influences that people then saw. But it is conceivable that after that religion there were people who were elevated to divinity. For example, Poseidon and Clayton were gods and goddesses, respectively.

They may have been heroes to their society. Some books say that the Atlas giant, their only child, was also a god.
The recent eruption of the Krakatoa volcano may have destroyed more of its ruins. When I went there I realized that most of the people who come to this ‘Santorini’ and ‘Crete’ do not come there for a normal vacation. Why do they keep coming to see these ancient ruins?
Whether Atlantis is a myth or not, there are many people who are interested in it. According to Edgar Cayce, people are interested in it because they lived there in the past.

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