Egypt 11 – Are the Pyramids of Giza Power Plant?

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Man has been looking at the pyramids with curiosity for thousands of years. But how many people know the secrets behind these pyramids? Its creators may not have shared the secrets of these massive structures with anyone else.
But Gerald Massey (29 May 1828 – 29 October 1907), a poet and spiritual researcher who searched for forty years for pyramids, made a strange reference to the pyramids in his book “Ancient Egypt – The Light of the World”. Only the builders of the pyramid know whether it is true or false.
If he had lived to this day, you would have asked him how these things came to his mind. Many people have commented on the pyramids. Even before Gerald’s opinion, archaeologists in the early days referred to the pyramids as the tombs of pharaohs.
But a long time ago, Herodotus, nicknamed the “Father of History”, said of the pyramids: “Pyramids are not built to house the bodies of dead pharaohs.” Later, another opinion arose, “The Egyptian pyramids were built to honor God.” [If you want to see more articles written for Egypt, I invite you to see my profile]
Man is a master of the imagination. So it may have been a fantasy to imagine that the pyramid was a huge power plant. Also, according to Gerald, if there was an electric source under water, it would not be possible to obtain free electrons from it according to ordinary physics. However, I am writing this because of the assumption that the pyramids were under water, and because of the curiosity that the average person might have from Gerald’s argument.
Due to the treasure hunters and the removal of the alabaster sheets in the pyramids to build mosques in the post-Islamic period, only the skeleton remains of these pyramids. That is why only archeological clues remain today. According to Gerald Massey, these pyramids were some kind of free eternal electronic source. They were sources of energy that could be used by all the people in Egypt. The article below writes in a way that I understand what he said.
“The Sumerian inscription found at Samash mentions a certain frequency. The ancients used the power of sound to move certain objects. These sounds come from within the earth. That energy is concentrated at the base of the pyramid. Because of these eternal sources of energy, the kingdom of Egypt lasted for thousands of years.”
“The layer of limestone beneath the pyramid thus absorbs the lower frequency waves coming from the earth’s interior and directs the high-frequency waves to the pyramid, which is covered with gold leaf. The large amount of gold in the pyramids gives an idea of this. With the size of a pyramid, even the largest batteries can be charged. ”
“Because the pyramid was built under water, these waves may have traveled four times faster than normal, away from it.”
Postscript: – The discovery that the Sphinx statue near the pyramid was once submerged may be true of his conclusion that “the pyramid was also under water”.
“The resulting electromagnetic field may have risen several miles.”
Then the concept of physics here is stated in his book:
““Due to the partial covalence of water’s hydrogen bonding, electrons are not held by individual molecules but are easily distributed amongst water clusters giving rise to coherent regions capable of interacting with local electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.””
Imagine living in a country where energy is free. Then you will not have to pay for electricity. Then you will not have a price for petrol. There is no price to pay for kitchen gas. There is no price to light a light bulb in a home.
“This plant was in operation until Napoleon came to Egypt. The high-frequency power generator was removed by his soldiers. The pyramids then began to be plundered. The remains of these removed devices can still be seen in the Queen’s and King’s chambers in the pyramid. “
(I hope to present this information in a future article entitled “Stone Boxes in Serapium”.)
There is a relationship between crystals and frequency. A material called ‘piezoelectric’ is used for a frequency generator that uses a crystal. When a crystal made of that material is pulsed, [mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material] receives a voltage corresponding to the frequency of that pulse. The inverse here is that when this crystal is given an alternating voltage, that crystal vibrates.
These piezoelectric pulses are used today in the operation of many electronic devices, such as television radios and military weapons. Due to the magnetic nature of an electric field of some kind, a voltage can be created in an adjacent coil.
Gerald explains that such crystals were found in the pyramid of the Queen’s and King’s chambers. He says that the force required to move the crystals was due to the natural rotation of the earth. Meanwhile, Edgar Casey has said that a large crystal in a church built by the Atlanteans on the seabed in the United States produces enormous amounts of energy.
This energy is not electrical energy. Any kind of radiant energy or some kind of energy that has never been discovered before? Or no one has figured out whether it is just a fantasy. Some believe that as a result of the attraction, planes and ships are attracted to this triangular area, the ‘Bermuda Triangle’.
I made a small pyramid out of the dimensions of the pyramid and placed an avocado in the place where the ‘King’s chamber’ was, and a twin avocado that had been cut from the same avocado tree on the same day, and placed in an ordinary box. For some unknown reason, the avocado placed in the pyramid was rotten after the avocado placed in the box. I did this test when I was younger. It is important that someone who can and will try this.
In addition, it is worthwhile to orient a small pyramid on the ground and cover it with lead leaves to see if there is any kind of electrical energy at the top of the pyramid. Check these out and only accuse me if you have not seen anything.
Conductors are required for a typical dynamo. But energy can be transmitted without conductors, so that reminds you of the scientist Tesla. That is, he also tried to transmit energy without wires. Such methods, by the laws of physics in general, are troublesome and not very practical.
But what real scientists have always done is challenge a concept. So they were victorious people. Either way, what this article says is a nonsense.
Or, as Gerald Massey says above, that the pyramid makers did it long before Tesla tried such methods?

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