Egypt 12 – The Black Boxes of Serapeum (Part 1)

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Black Boxes of Serapeum Egypt Pyramid
In 1851, the French archaeologist Auguste Mariette unveiled a cave complex dating back to 1500 BC. Until then, the cave complex and its massive stone coffins had been safely closed for 3351 years. This was because no one knew they existed in the world.
Auguste Mariette did not actually go to Egypt to make this discovery, but to look for ancient books written in the Coptic language. But the head of a small sphinx statue stuck in the sand dunes of the desert caught his eye. Upon further observation, he discovered that there was some kind of womb beneath it. This massive cave complex was discovered after dynamite exploded through a stone-enclosed entrance to the cave.
You may have heard of the strange ‘Step Pyramid’ in Egypt, or the ‘Saqqara Pyramid’, which looks like a staircase. In the same area, in a place called ‘Serapeum’, you can see 24 amazing black stone boxes in an underground cave room. Another wonder is why they are kept in small rooms that can be accessed through these very narrow gates.
These boxes are kept in underground caves with rough limestone. The boxes are made of Rose granite. It is one of the hardest granite granites to cut. However, these are cut and made into boxes with the same precision as laser beams.
That accuracy is more than a thousandth of an inch. Apparently they were further polished using an acid such as sulfuric acid. This box is made of single granite.
It has been proven that the lid of the boxes as well as the underside of these boxes were made of the same stone. I first went to this place about 10 years ago. An Egyptian explorer told me that it was done to keep the magnetic properties of the box intact. If the box is not built in the right way, it seems that the whole box needs to be rebuilt. Surprisingly, the direction along these boxes points to the magnetic north.
The stone in these boxes is believed to have been found in the Aswan region of Egypt, some 1,000 km away. The province is famous for the Aswan Dam, built by Abdul Gamal Nasser, a former president of Egypt, to divert the huge Nile.
As of today, it is estimated that it would cost $ 20 million per box to design a box like this, to bring it from Aswan to Saqqara, and to deposit it this way with this precision.
This would not be possible today without the help of modern computers and light-guided instruments. The point where two walls of a box meet is 90 degrees. It is by no means 89.5 degrees or 90.5 degrees.
One box at this site, discovered in 1850, weighed at least 70 tons, and its lids, made of the same stone, weighed 30 tons.
But even inside this single box, there is nothing. All boxes are empty. There is no doubt that these boxes were definitely used to keep something. Only one box was closed after Mariette discovered the site. But when I opened it, there was nothing inside.
Black Boxes of Serapeum Egypt Pyramid

What was inside these boxes is a mystery. Whatever the case may be, that material must be very important. Or maybe these boxes were made to hold something very important. One could argue that for some reason that material could not have been created. That argument is not so strong because in a society where there are talented designers who make boxes like this, there is no room to think that ‘something is being done without good future plans’.

It is estimated that 2,000 people are needed to move one 100-ton box. Even so, the path to the room with these boxes is two feet wide. That is why not even twenty people can enter it at once. What is most intriguing is how the boxes were brought here and how they were systematically deposited.
The other thing is that the darkness in these caves and the roads leading to them. If so, there must be torch-lit marks inside these caves in the dark. But there is no sign of that kind in these caves. Perhaps for a civilization that could do so much, electricity would not have been a miracle.
If so, did they zero in on the gravity under that box to lift the boxes? There are many explanations for such questions. But there is no clear evidence to support that hypothesis. If so, these boxes should be brought here in a non-traditional way that works against gravity. One thing that comes to mind when thinking about the weight of these boxes is the ‘quantum levitation’ you can do a google search on. I hope to bring about that in a separate article.
If so, did they bring these boxes over a distance of 1000 km, from ‘Aswan’ to ‘Saqqara’, by ‘magnetic laying’ or by reducing the absolute temperature, through ‘superconductors’? Or did they use some hitherto unknown technology that could neutralize some form of gravity?
At this distance of 1000 km is a desert burning with no trees and no shade from the sun. These boxes have to be brought through that. There is not the slightest hint in this deadly desert that there was some kind of old road in the distance. So did these boxes come from the sky?
Anyone who sees these boxes and pyramids will quickly forget what scientists in schools, such as Einstein, Newton, Tesla or Thomas Alva Edison, ‘discovered for the first time’. Not only those concepts, but these creations dumbly point out that there were civilizations or advanced aliens who came to the world that had advanced concepts that have not yet been discovered by man today, that have been burial over time.

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