Egypt 13 – The Black Boxes of Serapeum (Part 2)

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Bull Statue Symbol Animal

What’s even more amazing about making these boxes is that they take them and fit them in these little rooms. The rooms where the boxes are kept are at a lower level than the level of the cave. If so, there is no way to imagine how the boxes brought across those caves were lowered into those rooms. And the boxes were not just left in those rooms, but neatly and symmetrically placed in the rooms.
Early archaeologists believed that these boxes were made in the early chapters of King Pharaoh to bury the ‘sacred bulls’ (alternatively spelled Hapi-ankh). This type of animal, the giant bull, which is slightly smaller than an elephant and is not seen in the world today, was believed in Egypt at the time to be a very sacred animal. This is also written in the Bible.
These bulls were considered reincarnations of the god ‘Ptah’. The ancient Egyptians believed that they would become immortal after death. These bulls received so much respect, probably because of their enormity. These bulls were also named ‘Serapis’.
Seraphim was an ancient Greek god. The god Serapis is a combination of the Egyptian gods Osiris and Apis. If so, then the sacredness of these bulls in Egyptian society was very high.
The first idea taken by archaeologists is doubtful. (These stone boxes were used for burying the bodies of bulls). These boxes are very large. Different types of small boxes have been found in which the sacred bulls of the type mentioned above were buried. Accordingly, these ideas are questionable. For example, in one box, the ‘Dimensions of the 12th box’ meter reads:
The first idea taken by archaeologists is doubtful. (These stone boxes were used for burying the bodies of bulls). These boxes are very large. Different types of small boxes have been found in which the sacred bulls of the type mentioned above were buried. Accordingly, these idea is questionable. For example, in one box, the ‘Dimensions of the 12th box’ meter reads:
Outside the box: – Length 3.85, width 2.32, height 2.32.
Inside the box: – Length 3.17, Width 1.46, Height 1.46.
Box lids: – Length 3.85, Width 2.32, Height 0.92
Total weight: – 62 MT.
When the lid is placed on top of this box, air flow to the box is completely blocked. I wrote in the first article that the flatness inside the box is surprisingly uniform and glossy polished. Its error is 0.00127 per meter. What is the need to build such a proper box for burying an bull?
The pharaohs’ ‘mummy’, or body that had been preserved for a long time, was not placed in such precisely measured wombs.
Another thing that can be seen here is that the flatness of the walls inside these boxes is much more accurate than the flatness of the outside. That is, the creators of these boxes must have done so for some reason.
It is a mystery why the interior walls are so shiny, that is, reflective. This recurrence will probably come to mind when used in the world of science today. It is a laser beam product. If so, are these black boxes part of the communications equipment used to send a message into outer space?
When a laser beam about an inch in diameter and of the required energy is sent to the moon, the beam increases in width by only about a mile.
The laser beam goes farther than a normal light beam. Laser scattering is minimal.
It is also a question of why a lid with such a large thickness was created. If there was an bull’s body inside the box, no one would bother to lift such a large 30 ton lid and take the bull’s body out.
And these ‘Apis bulls’ are buried elsewhere in the style of the ‘Sphinx’. That is, in the manner of a bull on its knees. That is, then the size of the bull is further compressed. If so, four such bulls could easily be put in these boxes.
Black Boxes of Serapeum

For some reason these are thought to have been used to place radioactive atomic material or nuclear waste. However, there is no point in making such assumptions as there is no evidence to support this claim. Or because all equipment and details are removed without evidence.
There is no reason to worry about these things, because we are not able to think in terms of the dimensions associated with this technology. Thinking about this from our dimensions is like trying to use physics to do compounds that need to be done chemically.
And the lids on these boxes are not the same. Some lids are longer than needed to close the boxes. Some lids have holes and some lids have protruding parts. Or were these parts of massive batteries or capacitors? [I hope to present an article on Morocco and its Noor power plants. But this too may again be a failed assumption]
The caves with these boxes have ancient Egyptian characters. The symmetry and complete creativity of the boxes are not present in those letters. The stripes on it are not drawn straight in these very strong boxes. It is believed that they may have written these letters later.
That is, it seems that the rights to creations created by one nation or culture have been stolen by another race or culture, not as it seems in the world in general. In some cases, these stone boxes were smashed to make other designs. It can be confirmed by upside down stone tablets with letters and images.
Although these boxes appear to have been made around 1500 BC, the stone boxes could not have been made from the brass tools used at the time. However, these tools can be used to make primary notes on the hard rock as shown in this picture.
One hypothesis is that there were giants at the time who could lift these 100-ton boxes and the 40-ton boulders in the pyramids. One factor is the differences in height between the two types of people shown in ancient Egyptian paintings. Its one man is about the height of the other’s knee. [See articles I wrote about giants]
Although the skeletons of giants have been found, anthropologists have not found the skeletons of such large humans. If there were such people, not only their physical strength but also their intellect should be of a very high standard. Although the design of these boxes goes back a long way, the scientific knowledge of its creators should not be taken lightly. These boxes may not have been made without any sense.
But if there were people who could lift such a heavy load, they would have to have at least a thousand times more energy than a normal human being. But these small rooms can not hold even twenty ordinary people. Therefore, such giants would never be able to enter the caves, which are built underground with these layers of natural limestone.
The reason for the ability to place black stone boxes in an underground cave complex is due to the ability of these stones to cut like Regiform and the ability to move those tons of heavy stones as easily as Regiform.
One thing is for sure. That is to say, this is not a religious creation but a technical creation of some kind. If these were built for any religious reason, these boxes would not have had to be installed in such a complex cave system. And these boxes are sometimes not symmetrical. For example, boxes have protruding sections under the lids.
Also the angles of the surfaces on both sides of the lid are sometimes made differently. If the inside of the boxes were built so accurately, it would not be possible to make the angles equal. There is also an underground drain system from each room. That is, for some reason these boxes may be interconnected.
Were these boxes originally made of any machinery that the aliens had brought to build these pyramid-like structures? Did they take those machines and that technology back to outer space to keep them away from human?
We can only guess. I would like to know your guess. Comment it below.

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