Egypt 14 – Disk Created for no Apparent Reason

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Perhaps the above disc was created based on an aesthetic idea that came to the mind of an artist. If so, then the following words are of no use at all. But let’s think for a moment that there is something scientific about this design and look at it from a different angle.
Various mummies are housed in the first branch of the Egyptian Museum. ‘This disc’ is housed in a bulletproof glass crystal cabinet two rooms away. To date, no scientist or historian has been able to come up with any clear idea about this disc.
In 1936, the womb of Prince Sabu was found in the ruins of Saqqara. It is a tomb dating back to 3000 BC. The said disc was found there.
This is a disc made of fragile stone. It is 61 cm in diameter and 10.6 cm in height from the bottom. If this was done by human hands it would take a long time. Today it can be created with a computer – assisted lathe machine, but it will never be known how it was created 5,000 years ago.
Due to the complex nature of this disk, another assumption is that the disk is part of another complex machine. According to William Kay, an experienced water engineer, this was a disk used to float in oil. Then light three curtains and make a strange lamp out of it. But it is doubtful whether the engineer thought how much oil was needed to float a 61 cm long disk.
The old-fashioned image of these pictures is the actual disc. The other picture is a computer model. I think if you make an copy like this and observe it with strong winds, you will be able to understand how it moves. But this is not likely to be any kind of round fitting like a jet engine, as it breaks very easily. If so, is it something related to some kind of electromagnetic radiation?
I leave it to you to think about it.
You may have heard of these kinds of strange creations in Egypt. The Egyptian Museum is also worth a visit. When it comes to museums, this museum is said to be one of the most looted museums in the world. The reason is obvious. That is, there is an indescribable amount of gold, as well as a large amount of ancient artifacts.

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