Egypt 17 – Hidden Records, Pyramids of Giza, and the Sphinx Statue of Spring

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Although a lie, it is true when told as true. There is no idea whether the following story is true or false. The only reason I am writing this is that in such a developed world, the interior of this pyramid still seems to be a problem as to why it was not “tested by a robot in the first place”, and it is true that it was abandoned along the way. But experiments with microparticles are still being done.
Somehow the following kind of stories, there are so many on the internet, it makes no sense to have so much faith in this. The copyright story is written in this link before the story is written like this, perhaps because these details may have been removed from FaceBook. But the details of the more authentic tests are as follows.
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The story goes like this.
In 1993, a robot was sent through a hole in the pyramid. But its trajectory was covered with a crystal door. Permission to search for anything beyond that was granted only a few months ago. They then sent a fiber optics cable through a small hole dug in the door and when they looked at what was in it, it appeared to be a room 5 feet high by 5 feet wide and 5 feet long.
In the center of the room was a skeleton of a strangely shaped, standing animal. Although like a big cat, the head belonged to a man. This was similar to the paintings in Egyptian carvings and paintings. The footage was sent via live video to universities around the world.
There is something to be said here. There are pictures of this kind of human heads and animal bodies in the pyramids of Egypt. They are thought to have been slaves brought by the Atlanteans when they arrived in Egypt. Edgar Cayce’s reads that the animals gradually became extinct. I’ve heard somewhere in the Atlanteans’ laboratory that pigs were created by human genes.
When that fiber cable was sent beyond that, it appeared that there was another large room. But because the room was dark, another light had to be sent to light it. It is said that scientists were stunned by what was there.
That is, there was a floating sphere about a foot in diameter, about a foot above the ground, colored like gold. There was no such thing as threads and wires attached to it. It also coincided with the top of the pyramid.
Following the discovery, the Egyptian authorities suspended the investigation and withheld the video and relevant data obtained during the investigation. It is their intention to keep these secrets until they know exactly what they are.
The story is over.

Anyone can view the original details at the link below. This story could be a complete lie. I urge you not to blame me for this. Although it is useless to look at the “conspiracy sites” on the Internet and describe them, the “only reason” for writing this is due to the news that the aforementioned robotic system has been discontinued. (
By the time the Atlantic sank, many of the people who came by ship from there had scattered around the world. Some are said to have settled in ancient Egypt. They fought with the ancient Egyptians, who lived a simple agricultural life. It is said that these nations eventually came together and built the most important pyramids in the world at that time.
If the philosopher Plato had not written a 40,000-word essay on the Atlantis in Greek about 350 BC, this chapter would have been completely lost to modern man. The striking resemblance between the buildings of the Egyptian civilization and the Mayan civilization is a testament to the dispersal of the Atlanteans around the world.
These pyramids have been under human scrutiny since the day they were built. Experiments at the ITMO University in Petersburg with an international panel of investigators have revealed that electromagnetic rays can be concentrated in the Giza pyramids in Egypt.
Edgar Cayce claims that the Atlantic people, who were submerged in the sands of time, hid their heritage and finds in the Sphinx statue or pyramid. So much so that Edgar Cayce is connected to Atlantis because some of the things he said have already been proven. If you look at the Sphinx statue, it faces the sun rising exactly two days a year from the geographical east. One of these is the day on which the spring equinox occurs.
That is to say, it is conceivable that the creators of the Sphinx created this statue to give some idea of this to the world of the future. Edgar Cayce says that these records are hidden under the right ear of the face of this statue. It is also amazing to see what the pyramids look like on this special day.
It is common practice that these pyramids have four sides. But on the day of the spring equinox, it was suddenly seen that the pyramid had eight sides. And what is the connection between the pyramid and the sphinx statue?
On the same day, the shadow of the pyramid falls on the right foot of the lion in the Sphinx statue. This place is supposed to be the place where the secret hidden in the Sphinx statue is revealed.
The Great Pyramid, 481 feet high, the tallest building in the world for 38 centuries, was built about 4,500 years ago during the 4th Dynasty. The pyramids are built with such precision that not even a thin plate, such as a credit card, can be placed between the two blocks, and the north-south direction is 1/20 degree accurate. Is such precision just to put a corpse in it?
You can read the geometric details from the old articles on my blog.
Also, the idea that these pyramids were built by the labor of slaves captured from Nubia has been refuted. That is, it was discovered by examining the bone-like material of humans who came forward to build pyramids using genetic technology. There is no reason to give slaves beer, meat, and fish. Nowhere inside the pyramids is written how they were made, but something else is written.
…It is written in it, How can a man be a god?…
That is, the question that arises here is how to be a god.
The gods travel in the sky. -A plane can do the same.
They move fast. -A vehicle can do that.
They bring light. -A bulb can do it.
They talk to someone far away. -A communication machine can do it.
Is it possible that the pyramid is a source of energy needed to do all of the above?
It is therefore not surprising that the pyramids bring curiosity to modern man. Therefore, various investigations have been carried out on it since then. The following is a description of an attempt to find the contents of the pyramid in a different way, without damaging the structure.
That is, a team of Japanese scientists tried to examine what was inside the pyramid using particles called Muon. Accordingly, it was discovered that there was such a hidden room inside the pyramid. This system is not new to the world. This has led to the discovery of volcanoes and the structure of certain buildings in the Mayan civilization.
By the time you finish reading this article, there will be about a hundred particles of Muon going through your computer.
These particles fall from space into the world and penetrate through any solid material. The interior of the solid can then be examined according to the impact of the particles by the plates mounted in the opposite or reflective direction. Just like examining the inside of the body with X-rays. Scientists have discovered that there is a hidden chamber in the pyramid.
But that room is not a normal room, that is, not a straight room, but a slope. That is, its floor is not horizontal. But no clear details have been received yet. And this discovery makes it impossible to see what is kept in that room.
Perhaps this test would be more appropriate. This is because drilling holes between millions of tons of rock may not be such a good thing. Then there is the suspicion that the whole pyramid was designed by its creators to collapse inside.
But there are critics who do not like to dig holes like that. Some critics see the pyramid’s destabilization as a result of digging holes as if deleting those images to find out what lies beneath the Mona Lisa painting.
But another says that in this age of computer technology, there is no difficulty in building a ‘model’ and drilling a hole correctly, avoiding places where loads are balanced, in a way that does not harm the Great Pyramid.
I hope to bring you articles on the history and cultural aspects of not only Egypt and This but other beautiful countries. Leave your comment about it.
-Isobel Rose 🌹🌹🌹

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