Egypt 2 – Ancient Egyptian Beliefs

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This painting on a brass plate is from Egypt. The story told in those pictures is not so clear here. So I will write briefly.

People are queuing up. There is a scale. It has a feather on one side. Some sense of a human being on the other side of the scales. There is a fox and the chief of God
What is that sense? Why is the fox waiting? What is this ancient story that is more than five hundred years old? What do you think about this before reading below?
In Egypt a person is mummified when he dies. The brain breaks into pieces and pulls out through the nostrils. The rectum expels the digestive system, intestines, liver, kidneys, etc.
But for whatever reason, the heart does not come out of the body of the deceased. It is left as it is and the body is buried. Because after this life you are tested to see if you are fit for a second life in heaven, in the shape of your heart. You must wait in line at the gates of heaven, with only your heart, until your turn comes. The great god ‘Ra’, with his obedient servant the fox, is now ready to test you on the scales.
According to God’s command, you must remove the heart and place the scales on the ground. On the other side of the scales is a small bird feather. If somehow the heart weighs more than a bird’s feather, the fox will immediately swallow your heart. There is no such thing as ‘you’. If you are lucky enough to go to heaven, the heart should be lighter than a small bird’s feather. Now you have the grace and favor of the god ‘Ra’ to go to heaven.
While this may seem like a fairy tale to put little children to sleep, there is something to be gained from this Egyptian faith that is more than five hundred years old. Only if the heart is lighter than a feather will you be worthy of going to heaven. The heart is heavy only on those who have done wrong on purpose, and only on those who are against society. The hearts of those who opposed and persecuted the loving mother, father, brothers and sisters are heavy. What is the lesson here? To go to heaven, one must be interested in keeping the heart as light as a feather. Whether there is such a thing as heaven or not, it is worth keeping the heart as light as a feather.
Do you think that you can go to heaven?

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