Egypt 3 – Geometric Parameters of the Pyramids (Part 1)

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The largest of the three pyramids in El Giza, Egypt, has amazed historians as well as mathematicians. This is one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. 47 centuries ago, 6,000 hectares of land was needed to build this pyramid. The pyramid was spread over an area of ​​6 football fields. 2 million stones, ranging in size from 12 to 70 tons, had to be transported over a distance of 500 miles. One stone was about the size of a truck. The total weight of the stones was 6.2 million tons. It took 20 years to build the entire pyramid.

It takes two and a half minutes to connect one of these 2 million stones in 20 years. Usually when you hear of a pyramid, you think of a four-sided pyramid. But on closer inspection, one side was split in two by a vertical line in the middle. That is, there are 8 sides to this pyramid. If so, it is clear that this construction is even more complicated. At the same time, the stone mentioned above was not the same.
It took five years to remove the entire mosque from its original location and relocate it as the Abu Simbel Church was submerged due to water trapped in it during the construction of the Aswan Dam. It had 2000 shares. But it took only 20 years to assemble the 2 million parts of the Pyramid of Giza.
It is noteworthy that these stones were not cut to the same size to build the pyramid. Then one thinks at once that if the stones brought from five hundred miles away were cut and made to the same size, many stones would be wasted. But that conclusion is also wrong. That is, when a side wall or side is taken, both sides are symmetrical. The two million stones in the pyramids could not be symmetrically arranged by human hands. Also, one stone and the other are so tightly connected that not even a sheet of paper can be placed in the gap that touches them. Even with today’s supercomputer technology, this pyramid could not be built in accordance with the above technicalities.
The pyramid is finished with one face of the pyramid facing the geographical north with great precision. The difference in that direction differs from the actual geographical north by 1/20 degree, that is, by the number of arts. Maybe time has made that difference. Meanwhile, the 45-foot-tall single stone statue of Ramsay is also awe-inspiring. The two sides of any human face are very small or different. There is no difference between the two sides of the face of this massive statue. !! Also any shape of the statue can be shown by a circle.
There is no evidence that machines were used to do all these constructions. After construction, did those machines destroy or did they create these structures by human hands alone? These are secrets. How all this was built is only recorded in the ‘Library of Alexandria in Egypt’. But unfortunately for modern man, that library was destroyed by the Muslims. You know the reason. There can be no knowledge in the world other than the Qur’an.
After the construction of the pyramids, the country was completely destroyed by three massive earthquakes and floods in Egypt. No damage was done to these pyramids or other structures. The pyramids are built to survive any catastrophe.
Compared to the size of the pyramid, the three empty rooms inside were ridiculously small. When a man dies, no matter how he tries to keep that body, it will perish at some point.
It is unlikely that the ancient Egyptians knew this. Therefore, the ‘mummy’ inside the pyramid, or the body parts and body parts that have been preserved, may have obscured the real reason for the pyramid’s construction.
Now let us turn our attention to something external, hoping to come to Egypt later. Easter Island is an isolated island in the southern hemisphere of the world in the Pacific Ocean. It has a place with huge statues of the strangest kind. These statues are made entirely of black stone and are 16 to 36 feet high and weigh hundreds of tons. All these statues face in one direction. What is this direction?
Yes, he turned the faces of those statues in the direction of the setting sun at that spring equinox. It is a mystery who made this huge statue on this lonely island and why.
Let us now turn our attention to another place. Peru is a country in South Africa. There are some paintings in the valley called ‘Nazca’. These images are not five small images. So even if you go from the ground or up the surrounding hills, you can’t see. The only way to see these pictures is to look at them from the sky. The image of the monkey you see is one image. Also in the Inca Museum are flat heads that look as if they were crushed. The shape of those heads is very similar to the heads of the pharaohs of Egypt. Buildings made of stone of different shapes in Egypt, as well as structures made here, are made of different stones. No difference ..! That is, on Easter Island, in Machu Picchu in Peru, and in all these places the Pyramids of Giza, the stone-built structures are the same.
Now let’s go to the province of Shen-shi in China. One would be surprised to hear that there are pyramid-like structures here as well. The reason is that the Chinese government did not give any publicity to these pyramids for an unknown reason. Foreigners are not allowed to see them. Written using pictures of old fonts in this place. Also in ancient Egypt, and in the countries of the Mayan civilization, the written language was figurative. None of the countries mentioned so far has any historical or building or other contemporary connection. Now you need to look at the picture shown here by the countries lines together.
Mexico, Giza and China are on the same line. The other line runs through the Mayan civilizations, including Easter Island, the Nazca Valley, Peru, the Pyramid of Giza, the Petra of Jordan, the Persepolis of Iran, the Mohenjo-daro of Pakistan, the Khajuraho of India, and the Pyay of Burma. This second line, with the equator, forms an inclination of exactly 30 degrees. In all of the above places there are strange-looking buildings and signs with mysterious details not found today.
Now back to Egypt;
There is a small pyramid in Egypt called the ‘Red Pyramid’. It is, exactly, a small model of the Great Pyramid of the Three Pyramids of Giza. It has an oblique length of one meter and 57 centimeters on one face. The height of this pyramid is exactly one meter. How exactly was this meter?
It is very clear that in pre-Christian times, there was no such thing as a meter when these buildings were built. I think you know the definition of unit of meter. At the time that meter was defining the New World, there was no idea about these pyramids.
That is, the meter was first defined in 1793 as one tenth of the distance from the equator to the North Pole. In the modern world of chemical and electronic knowledge, another type of parameter was given for this measurement. That is, ‘krypton 86’ is a multiple of the emission wave emitted by the element.

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