Egypt 4 – Geometric Parameters related to the Pyramids (Part 2)

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Geometric Parameters of the Pyramids

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If so, how did the ‘meter’ unit come into being in those ancient times? That too is a mystery. Again, for the Red Pyramid, the value of the two lengths on its sides is 3.14 or 22/7. This is the ‘Pi’ value in general mathematics. That is, the Greek simple ‘Pi’ stands for 22/7. The circumference of a circle is 2 x (Pi) x (radius).
Let us now consider another calculation.
When you look at a pyramid from the ground you will see two sides of it. The two adjacent sides have two more sides on the other side. The sum of the areas of these four sides of the pyramid divided by the area of ​​the base of the pyramid is 1.618. This number is commonly referred to as the ‘golden number’ or the capital letter ‘Pi’ in Greek. Because this is a public value, I will not mention it to prevent the article from lengthening.
In short, however, it is a mathematical value commonly used in astronomy, the structure of salts, the shells of oysters, Leonardo da Vinci’s, human figures, geometry, and building technology. How this value was used in ancient Egypt is another mystery. This ‘gold number’ is used in many places in the pyramids. It also has the ‘Pi’ value used to calculate a circle. Example: – The sum of the heights of the two sides of the Great Pyramid is 314.16 when the height of the pyramid is subtracted. This is a multiple of ‘Pi’.
It is not yet clear why these massive structures were given such geometric values. These geometric mathematical parameters have been used not only for the pyramids in Egypt, but in all other places mentioned in the article above, and it seems that people who use the same type of theory have done these things. We assume for a moment that the above calculations are simply random. Let us now look at another calculation.
Draw a circle between the four legs at the base of the Great Pyramid. That is, the circle touches the center of all the feet at the equilibrium base of the pyramid. Suppose the length of that circle is x. Now, we draw another circle, then the four corners of this parallel base touch each other and its length can be taken as y. Now the size of [y-x] is 299. 792458 m. What do you think this value is?
This is the speed of light. That is, the speed of light is 299.79 million meters per second. Could this also be a coincidence? Or the creators of pyramid technology must have an understanding of the speed of light. Again here the unit called meter is used. History is rewritten.
If a world catastrophe happens, everything we have will be destroyed in a few centuries. But only the pyramids remain. This is because the pyramids are made of granite. These pyramids and other structures were built to prevent destruction. If so, have pyramid symbols been created before the catastrophe of the future? Time will prove it.
The Great Pyramid of Giza is nothing more than a star clock. Although a normal clock displays the date every 24 hours, the duration of this great clock is 26,000 years. That whole round is called the ‘Precession of the equinoxes’. What is really going on? As the Earth rotates around its axis, so does its orbit. But it takes 25,920 years to wobble.
You know the world is spinning diagonally. This is called the “Tilt of the Earth”. But this tilt changes from 22.1 to 24.5 degrees about 40,000 times a year. Also, although the orbit of the world is elliptical, the length of the ellipse varies slightly. It is called the “Eccentricity of the earth”.
For these reasons, ice bonding at the poles occurs. Although this is not an immediate effect but a slow process, there are reports that in some parts of the world, water levels have risen sharply. One hypothesis is that the polar ice cap changed the direction of the world’s axis instantly. Unfortunately I have forgotten who made this guess. Perhaps this is in the readings of Edgar Casey.
So these data show that the creation of these massive structures was not just to represent the culture of Egypt. Although I wrote this article to give you an idea of the mathematical part of the pyramids, I am also writing a few words to show how that mathematics and geometry are related to culture.
The sexual activity in Egypt was given great publicity. But those sex sites were only open to special people. Another largest library of information in Egypt is the Turin Museum in Turin, Italy. It has a large painting on one of the special papyrus sheets. It depicts sexual posture. There are 12 such sexual poses in these paintings.
Ancient Egyptians pointed to a god who dominated the sexual process, a day of the year to represent sexuality, and a star associated with that sexual function. Meanwhile, there is a ‘mummy’ in the body of a king in a pyramid. There is something special about this mummy. That is to say, the male sex of that mummy was made in a vital way. Light falls from the sky through an elongated tube-like hole made through the pyramid.
But on the day of this sexual representation, the light of the star that represents that sexuality falls on this genitalia through the aforesaid hole. Although sex is forgotten here, it is clear that it requires great astronomical knowledge to put into practice the prevailing astronomical theory.
The Americans sent the 1972 Pioneer spacecraft to infinite space with a message about the world to extraterrestrials. It had a metal plate with the image of a man and a woman as well as the solar system in which we live. Even today, that spacecraft travels millions of miles around the world. There is a message in 24 languages.
Also, the pyramids convey this kind of message. But it is not given to outsiders. To us. This message is not about anything but about the destruction of the world. It is said that after some time the world will be destroyed by a cyclical process. This has been said by the Buddha as well as in Hindu mythology in the Eastern knowledge systems.
How can this story be called a pyramid in dumb language? The four corners of the Red Pyramid, a representation of the Great Pyramid, are shown by four zodiac signs. They are called Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. That is, Taurus and Scorpio are on either side of one diagonal, and Leo and Aquarius are on the other diagonal. In other words, this red pyramid shows the 12 zodiac signs around us. These four corners refer to the brightest stars in the four constellations mentioned above. They are “Aldebaran” in Taurus, “Regulus” in Leo, “Antares” in Scorpio and “Sadalsud” in Aquarius. Meanwhile, the body of the Sphinx statue on the same site as the Giza Pyramids is exactly on the apex of the Lion-Aquarius line.
The day when the ‘Regulus’ star of the Leo zodiac coincides with the eyes of the ‘Sphinx’ statue will be a decisive day for the world. Until then we will wait.
There is no need to make such a geometric and astronomical fuss to have a corpse. I was lucky enough to visit many of these places. If you’ve seen these places one day, or at least read more, I hope you can think more through these ideas. Thinking that not much had been written about these matters was another reason for writing these articles. I see this whole ‘math and astronomy’ as a radio antenna.
Take the Yagi Antenna, a TV antenna. To capture the TV wave, the dipole section of the antenna must be a multiple of that wavelength. Also, is this pyramid another type of antenna? If so, are there living things in the distant sky many light-years away that are constantly being observed through the world?
I think science today is not yet advanced enough to understand that…
Most of the things here are assumptions I have made based on certain data and I apologize if there is anything wrong with that.

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