Egypt 6 – Great Age, Pyramids, Lion Men, Solar Theory

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This is a post with some very boring calculations and two assumptions. Please do not bother looking at this post for those who are not interested in related matters.
There is nothing wrong with having assumptions in the early stages of a scientific concept. It is in line with modern science. But in finding exactly the theories that determine that concept, either of those assumptions is wrong. Or is true. In other words, those assumptions are scientific facts. Or are useless thoughts.
You will ask me what these assumptions are. Yes, it is below.
When the height of the pyramid is multiplied by 43,200, that is exactly the ‘distance from a pole to the center of the earth’ or the radius of the earth in meters. If you take the perimeter of the base of the underground pyramid and multiply it by 43,200, you get the ‘distance around the equator’. This was discussed in an earlier article.
These are just mathematical values. There is no mystical nature there. But it is still a mystery why the pyramid makers took those values.
What is the specific value of 43,200? Do you think that is a random value? This value must indicate some distance or timing. It is not without reason that the architects or makers of the pyramids did these massive constructions. If so, that first assumption is:
Hypothesis 1: – ‘43, 200 ’must be a multiple of time or distance in our world.
Hypothesis 2: – The timing of astrology is correct.
If you look at the information that is commonly read in the West or Egypt about this value, you will not get to know anything. At least I haven’t found anything like that. It means that someone more educated and wiser than me can still find it. But I dropped the comparison of this 43,200 value with the data in the Egyptian Museum where I studied it for a short time.
Somehow I searched through this weird value of 43,200.
Now I think we should stop this story and explain something. That is, the chronology of the epochs calculated according to Surya-Siddhanta (A Text Book of Hindu Astronomy). If you ask me questions about this from here on out, it’s worth looking at Surya-Siddhanta as well as NASA data first. Then we can save time. Don’t ask me these for laziness. You can download Surya-Siddhanta from the internet.
The time it takes for the Solar System to orbit the galaxy once is 28,800 solar years. The orbit of our planet, or solar orbit, is 134, 369, 280,000,000 miles. The solar system travels at a speed of 150 miles per second to cover this distance. According to astronomy, twelve epochs pass through this journey in the solar system.
The period during which the solar system is in one of these constellations is called a zodiac age. The period of a zodiac age is 2400 years. That is twelve inter-zodiac eras in one zodiac age. Then 2400 divided by 12 gives 200 years. Accordingly, this inter-zodiac era is 200 years.
According to solar theory, the length of human habitation on Earth is 432,000,0000* solar years. During this time, the Solar System has orbited more than 150,000 galaxies. The period of human habitation on Earth is 197, 29, 49, 115 solar years. During this time the chakra has been climbed 68,505 times.
You can probably see that I put an asterisk or * sign above the value of 432,000,000.
Now again, let’s focus on the 43,200 value of the aforementioned Great Pyramid. I will say that there is nothing on the internet that gives a clear idea about this. At least I never saw anything like it. Somehow in parallel with this I just read Surya-Siddhanta above while exploring Asian knowledge.
It says in Chapter 3, Chapter 9: I will show the part written in English so that its meaning does not change in any way.
[This part consists of thirteen stanzas, of which ten are in gitika metre. It sets forth basic definitions and important astronomical parameters and tables. It gives the definitions of the large units of time (kalpa, manu and yuga) the circular units (sign, degree and minute) and the linear units (yojana, hasta and angula). It states the number of rotations of the earth, the revolutions of the sun, the moon and the planets etc. in the period of 43,20,000 years. It gives an account of the time and place fi-om which the planets started moving at the beginning of the current yuga.]
I asked an Indian friend if I thought it might be a mistake. The original Sanskrit text reads:
[Trimsat krityo yugebhanam chakram prakparilambate] According to Ranganatha’s translation, ‘Trimsat Krityo’ is 600. This means that the rotation of the axis of the world, at 600, takes a great epoch. A great age is 43,20,000 years. There are four sub-eras to fill a great epoch: ‘krutha’, ‘nethra’, ‘dwapara’ and ‘kali’. Today we are living in the ‘kali’ era.
But Bhaskaracharya Srishti, in his book Siddhanta Shiromani, says that the axis of the world oscillates 1,99,669 times in a lifetime. Thus a lifetime is 4320 million years. The sage ‘maya’ said this about a hundred thousand years ago. Gautama Buddha will ascend into the world to liberate mankind.
The period of the above eras is as follows.
Age – Time (from solar years) – Human lifespan
Krutha – 17,28,000 – 50,000
Nethra – 12,96,000 – 10,000
Dwapara – 86,4000 – 1000
Kali – The rest of the Great Age – 100
What is the relative axis of the world relative to? It is relative to the star Zeta Piscium in outer space. I think you can now see how a number of pyramids on another continent in the world are related to solar theory.
However, there is speculation that “there may be a connection between the calculations of the pyramids and the solar theory.” The above 43,200 is one in 100 of the Great Age. That is, the creator of the pyramid may have tried to convey a message. That is, these pyramids go back 43,200 years.
Did Lion Men Build Pyramids? How does the man who calls lion people ‘Sinhala’ get involved? Surya Siddhanta was created in the Sinhala land where there were Sinhalese people.
In summary; The pyramid is thought to show the origin and destruction of the world. The creator of that pyramid said it quietly in mathematical language. The only way you can find it is with Asian knowledge, not Western knowledge.
Edgar Casey said. ‘You will know the secrets of the pyramids’ If you are looking for those secrets beyond here, you can probably find those secrets on this page.
It is up to you to think about whether Asian mathematical methods are useful in finding the secrets of these pyramids.

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