Egypt 7 – Egyptian Cats and their Inhabitants

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Egypt is a very ancient country. Every tourist visiting that country will see the Sphinx statue, the pyramid. Since you can find a lot of information about the pyramids, I will write about Egypt from a different angle…
Let’s start with the people of Egypt. Many of them are poor. They live in crowded houses connected together. The population of these houses can be seen from the interconnected flats seen in the sky photograph. The total population of Cairo is about 21 million. This is because Islam encourages child rearing. So, today they are extremely poor. This city is one of the largest cities in the world in terms of population density
Their staple is a wide, thin loaf of bread called ‘Egyptian bread’. Among the vast majority of the poor are rich people. Cairo also has luxury hotels as well as small lodges reserved for foreign tourists. All these people live in Cairo. Among the most virtuous people, there are more fundamentalist Islamic people. As I and a few of my Indian friends were taking a taxi to see the pyramids, the driver thought we (myself) were Indians and said in broken English, “We will eat your God.” This was not understood at first, but it was later realized that this god meant ‘cow’
Another Egyptian I met next asked, “Why do so many people just come to see the pyramids, why aren’t you going to see our Cairo Cathedral, which is built on the crystal floor?” Where I could not keep my mouth shut, I said, “The crystal you put on the floor of your big church was removed from the Pyramid of Giza.” The man closed his mouth. Look at the ‘alabaster crystals’ attached around the pyramid. They are in the rocks from the bottom up. You will see only the top left. He broke those pyramids and built those old churches out of ‘alabaster crystals’ taken from them. This incident is like Mr. Sa Jahan looting Hindu temples and Buddhist temples to build the Taj Mahal in India.
The most important museum in the world is the Cairo Museum. This museum has treasures that are priceless. This is the museum that has been robbed the most times in the world. In addition to that gold, this museum is one of the foremost evidence of the ancient world. Photography of those pictures is prohibited. An important reason is that the ‘flash’ of the camera changes the color of the pictures. But if you give a watchman there a few Egyptian pounds, you can take as many pictures as you want. But I did not want to do that. Due to poverty and stupidity, discipline in this country has been lost.
So, as for the Nile, there is no life here without it. Many rivers in the world start small and then grow big and flow into the sea. Remember, the Nile is different. The narrow, deep blue Nile, which begins in the mountains of Ethiopia, and the White Nile, which begins in Uganda, join the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, to form the Great River. Until it falls into the sea from Cairo, Egypt, the African countries on both sides of the river receive water. This is why the river in Cairo is getting smaller. People live in the valley on either side of the Nile, the longest river in the world. This is especially true because Egypt is a desert country. From the sky, the valley on either side of the blue-black Nile is green, and then the silver desert, which looks like it has been cut with a knife.
As for the cats here, they live very bravely. You know that when we make a small noise, cats usually run away in fear. But cats in this country are not like that. These cats have a special place because of their weird nature. Also, in one part of the human race in this country, their physical appearance and appearance have not changed for thousands of years.
To which group do these Egyptian cats belong? … Yes I have never seen a part of cats as proud as those Egyptian cats. They have no fear of people. This may have been because Pharaoh had given them some sacred status since the time of the king. Probably because the people of Egypt did not bother them. In Pharaoh’s day, killing a cat was considered a heinous crime. Perhaps cats are so special because they destroy the venomous snakes, rats, and other animals in Egypt. It is said that Queen Cleopatra committed suicide by a venomous snake. That is, the people of this country have known about the dangers of snakes since ancient times. These cats may even kill snakes.
In most Asian countries, cats are more or less the same as these Aegean cats. This species is called the Egyptian Mau. The word ‘mau’ may have come from the way cats howl. The very clear English letter M on the forehead makes them easy to identify. See if your house cat is of this type?
There is nothing wrong with saying that Egypt was a ‘prostitute’ by many nations. ‘King Khalid’ invaded Egypt and asked his chief mullah, ‘What are we going to do to this library of Alexandria now?’ Mulla said, ‘If there is no Quran here, we have to set fire to this library’. In this library, if there is a Quran, but we have to burn this library. The reason is because we have the Quran. Man does not need any knowledge other than the Qur’an. It’s been about two years since the world’s largest library of books was set on fire .It’s the biggest crime in the world. It is said that there was a ‘History of the Atlantis’ buried in this library. All of them, especially, have been burned. They are probably the most important scientific information not yet discovered. Because, according to Islam, there is no place for other knowledge
There is another group of people in Egypt who go along with the Egyptian cats. What’s that?
That is, the ‘Coptic Crusaders Egyptians’. Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country. But before them were the aforementioned men in Egypt. Later Western nations came to Egypt. But most of the ‘Coptic Christian Egyptians’ did not associate with any of these. That is why their physical appearance is similar to that of the Pharaohs who built the pyramids at that time.
If you see them you will remember the kings and queens of ancient Egypt. They are very beautiful. Despite the length, the nose is beautiful. They are also very good at belly dancing. One of these pictures is of a belly dancer. But to protect privacy, I did not put her face here. They perform in hotels as well as in theaters on Nile floating boats.

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