Egypt 9 – The Pyramids of Giza and the “Hunter” (Orion) Constellation

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Giza Egypt

Consider the image below of the three pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and the image of the Orion constellation when it coincides. The angle between these three pyramids is exactly the same as the angle between the three stars in the constellation. The tiny pyramid here represents the smallest star in the constellation. That is to say, the placement of the pyramids in this way would lead to a reasonable conclusion that it could not have been a coincidence.
This is not a created image. An image created by synchronizing two true images.
First, took a picture of the Orion constellation. (Let’s say A.) Next, took a picture of the sky in Cairo just above the pyramids. Now adjust the scale of the image A and place the image B on top. The three large man-made objects in the world and the exact coincidence of the three characteristic stars in the center of a constellation. If it’s a coincidence, it must be all the other wonderful wonders of this world.
For example, one pyramid was built using thousands of large boulders. That one stone alone weighed more than forty tons. One stone is so well placed on the other that a piece of tissue paper cannot penetrate between them. Some scholars suggest that the only way to bring these rocks together is to remove gravity from the site. They may have discovered anti-gravity materials at the time.
If the story of the Atlantis is true, they are not the tombs that were dug about 7000 years ago. It cannot be said that there were fools in Egypt who did not know that human bodies decay over time. However, the people of Egypt today cannot compare with those who built these pyramids. These are many old buildings. The Giza Pyramids and the nearby Sphinx are all in the middle of a waterless desert. But under the Sphinx statue, there are signs that the long-running sea wave has melted. That is one definition.
Each year there is a day when the three stars in the center of the constellation Orion, which rise above these three pyramids, are aligned. Perpendicular to this point on Earth, the three stars of the constellation Orion are located in the sky. Surprisingly, then, the three stars and the two angles at which the pyramids form coincide, with a very small number of offsets.
The other definition is as follows.
In One day 10500B.C., this pyramid coincided with exactly 3 Orion stars. Exactly the same day the sphinx statue coincides with one of the stars in Leo. On this day the sun rises in the sign of Leo and the day time and night time are the same in this day. This is called Orion correlation theory.
One might think, that 10500 B.C. How to get it. Yes, when we count backwards, the time that 3 pyramids are coincides with those stars, that time becomes. And you probably know what is embodied in the “Lion constellation”. Yes, showing off a lion. That’s the shape of part of this huge Sphinx statue.
Since this day is similar to the day the ancient Atlantic continent was destroyed, it could also be a silent message to give to the world of the future.
In ancient Egypt there was a day and a star called the ‘Day of Fertility’ and the ‘Star of Fertility’, respectively. It is recorded that on that day, priests traveled the streets naked, ejaculating sperm, in order to benefit the country. There is also a mummy of one of the kings of Egypt.
The penis of the mummified king’s body is kept erect. Exactly for the above date the light of that star is kept in such a way that it falls on that penis. This happens every year. Excluding the ridiculous things here, we can see that a group of astronomers with the most advanced astronomical knowledge have built these kinds of giant pyramids to coincide with the stars. But it seems that modern man does not have the knowledge to describe what is in these creations and come to a conclusion about it.
Orion Night Shy Star Constellation Gray Stars
The Pyramids of Giza were completely covered with alabaster crystals. Today those crystals are confined to the top of the pyramids. The reason is that many of these crystals are removed by people and taken to mosques. The floor of the Mohammedan Church, the largest church in Cairo, Egypt, is covered with alabaster. Only foreigners visit the pyramids.
Very few Arab Muslims are going to see these. They believe that the reason is that the ‘pyramids’ are not Islamic. For this reason, just as the Bahian Buddha statues were destroyed in Afghanistan, these pyramids have been systematically destroyed since the dawn of Islam. But these massive structures are not easy to destroy, at least not with bombs. That’s why these are left.
If you ask an undeveloped, ignorant taxi driver in Cairo; “What do we see in Egypt? The answer is often, “Look at the mosque, it’s beautifully built.” The reason is that they have been taught that ‘pyramids are not Islamic’. The noise of that great mosque, the quiet environment with the Giza pyramids makes a great noise. Although many foreign tourists have made allegations in this regard, the authorities have not listened to them.
You know how, after the conquest of Egypt by King Khalid, the largest library in Alexandria in the world was destroyed. When King Khalid asked his adviser mullah what should be done about this, he replied, “If there is no Qur’an here, it must be destroyed. If the Quran is here, then it must be destroyed. Because we do not need more knowledge than the Qur’an.” How’s Mulla’s brain? So all possible pyramids were destroyed in this way. Only the underground pyramids and these massive structures survived.
It has been suggested that the continent of Atlantis sank because of a sudden change in the Earth’s orbit. That is to say, it was due to the increased ice bonding of the poles, the increased load on the poles, and the sudden loss of world equilibrium. There are hypnotic readings in the books of Edgar Casey.
But scientifically this is very slow. Because the Earth’s axis slowly rotates around itself [Wobbling]. Today, the ice at the poles is melting. (Ice cap theory). The next thing that happens is that the ice poles bind. The ancient ‘ice age’ is one example. This may have been known to the advanced people of that time.
During my service in Egypt, an Egyptian friend said that this could determine the time when the pyramids were built. That is, the pyramids were formed exactly when these three stars fell. This roughly goes back to the time when the Atlantic continent sank. Perhaps these colossal structures are, in silent language, showing us that lost highly developed nation, the lost time period.
So this is my opinion I wrote based on the experience I read and gained. These are not 100% true. My conclusions only. If there are any mistakes, please correct them and if you have any comments on this, please send them below.

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